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JP Build BD Co Bangladesh Journey: $20 Million Investment Boosts Real Estate and Construction Sector

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JP Building, a prominent Japanese real estate and construction company, has made its entry into the Bangladeshi market with a significant investment of $20 million slated for the next three years. The inaugural ceremony took place on Monday at a prestigious city hotel, where Iwama Kiminori, the Ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh, and Akio Yamamoto, the chairman of JP Build BD Co Ltd, came together to inaugurate “JP Build BD Co Ltd” and unveil its flagship product, the Nippon elevator.

Distinguished guests, including Susumu Saki, chairman of JBS Holdings Limited; Md. Amin Helaly, vice president of FBCCI; Md. Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury, director of FBCCI and managing director of JCX; and Kamal Chowdhury, CEO of JBS Holdings Limited, were also present at the ceremony, as mentioned in a press release.

During the ceremony, Akio Yamamoto, chairman of JP Build BD Co, highlighted the significant role that “JP Build BD Co Ltd” would play in the development of Bangladesh’s economy and manpower. He expressed their commitment to supporting the construction of modern, earthquake-resistant buildings by utilizing skilled workers and state-of-the-art technology imported from Japan.

Yamamoto proudly announced that JP Build BD Co. has introduced the renowned Nippon brand elevators to the Bangladesh market, offering Japanese modern technology and top-notch facilities equipped with the best security system. These sophisticated and elegant Nippon elevators are now available to the public.

One noteworthy safety feature of these elevators is their ability to automatically descend to the ground floor and halt in case of any problem, ensuring the passengers’ safety. Furthermore, customers have the option to customize their lifts by placing orders at a factory in South Korea.

Iwama Kiminori, the Japanese High Commissioner to Bangladesh, expressed Japan’s longstanding interest in becoming a development partner with Bangladesh. He expressed his confidence in JP Build’s ability to provide cutting-edge technology and superior service and expressed hopes that the company would establish a strong presence in Bangladesh.

Susumu Saki, chairman of JBS Holdings Limited, emphasized the favorable business environment in Bangladesh, highlighting the support received from the government and local businessmen, which has facilitated successful business operations.

Md. Amin Helaly, vice president of FBCCI, emphasized the importance of mutually beneficial collaborations between foreign investors and domestic companies, stressing that FBCCI is fully prepared to extend all necessary support to facilitate such partnerships.

Md. Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury, director of FBCCI, acknowledged the scarcity of high-quality elevators from Japan in the Bangladesh market and expressed a keen interest in utilizing renowned brands like Nippon, provided they offer competitive prices.

JP Building’s foray into the Bangladeshi market marks a significant milestone in enhancing the country’s construction and real estate sectors with the integration of cutting-edge technology and expertise from Japan.

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