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Hong Kong Investors Advocate Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Bangladesh

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Investors hailing from Hong Kong have passionately urged the relevant authorities to prioritize the signing of a highly beneficial Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Bangladesh and Hong Kong. In a remarkable display of commitment towards fostering lucrative investment avenues, a power-packed seminar titled “Exploring Investment Opportunities in BEPZA’s EPZs and EZs” was jointly organized by the esteemed Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) and the influential Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA). Held on June 20 at the renowned InterContinental Grand Stanford Hotel in Hong Kong, the event provided a platform for renowned Hong Kong investors to share their invaluable experiences of conducting business in Bangladesh, thereby instilling confidence and enthusiasm among attendees.

During the seminar, these distinguished investors, who have already been actively investing in Bangladesh for numerous years, shed light on their successful business ventures in the country. Drawing insightful comparisons with neighboring nations such as Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam, they highlighted the unique advantages that make Bangladesh an ideal investment destination. From its vast labor force and competitive wages to its industrious population, impressive infrastructural development, and favorable manufacturing costs, Bangladesh emerged as a compelling choice for prospective investors seeking remarkable returns on their investments.

The seminar garnered immense prestige as it welcomed esteemed guests of honor. The distinguished Executive Chairman of BEPZA, Abul Kalam Mohammad Ziaur Rahman, graced the occasion as the chief guest, lending credibility and expertise to the event. Additionally, Israt Ara, the consul general of Bangladesh, held the distinguished position of being the special guest, imparting invaluable insights to the attentive audience. In her comprehensive speech, the consul general provided the audience with the latest updates on the ongoing initiatives aimed at forging trade-related agreements between Bangladesh and Hong Kong, fueling excitement and optimism among the attendees.

The seminar served as a magnet for over 200 high-profile investors, creating an environment brimming with opportunities and networking potential. The notable presence of officials from the esteemed Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and distinguished representatives from major business chambers further enhanced the significance of the event. The convergence of such esteemed individuals underscored the growing interest in and recognition of Bangladesh’s immense investment potential.

With fervent support from Hong Kong investors and a compelling seminar highlighting the captivating investment opportunities within Bangladesh, the advocacy for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two nations has gained substantial momentum. This event served as a catalyst for forging fruitful business collaborations and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. As the dialogue on trade-related agreements between Bangladesh and Hong Kong continues, the seminar’s resounding success has solidified the country’s position as a prime investment hub, poised to unlock tremendous growth and prosperity.

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