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Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), Bangladesh sets the target to export $80 billion by 2024

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EPB sets the target to export $80 billion by 2024

The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) thinks, the expansion of the export basket with effective and potential items for exploring new markets to environmental compliance in manufacturing goods. It will be a helping initiative for Export Promotion Bureau to go through a long journey. It will help for achieving the target to export $80 billion by 2024.

Every developing and developed countries give the most priority to the export sector to achieve sustainable development and balanced economic stability. This situation is associated with the active performance of the export sector. when there are some goods produced in Bangladesh domestically but after production sold to the foreign countries. The seller of our country finds a great fund from the foreign buyers and customers. Bangladesh is not on the opposite side of these countries. Bangladesh is also shining day by day. In 2022FY Bangladesh has seen great progress in exporting sectors. The growth of earnings from exporting sector in May 2021 is 23.24 percent. The country’s single-month export earnings had been outstanding. The four-billion mark, $4.90 billion in December. According to the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) report, the export of plastic products is 36.84 % growth to $142.98 million.

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Earning in May, 2021
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Plastic products growth
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will be increase in the current fiscal year

There is an interesting suggestion from Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). They want to introduce a cold chain warehouse service at the third terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The main purpose of it for boosting agriculture exports which are limited to only ethnic markets. As part of implementing this project, there is also a to-do list that focuses on providing policy support so that services exports can be accelerated and a pressing project called Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Savar Tannery Estate. This will help broaden the leather industry’s communication with the global market and also highlight different problems in the export sector. In the to-do letter “The commerce ministry has made such effective recommendations. They want those to be featured in the next meeting of the national committee on exports, headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.” EPB provided a data report where they mentioned that Bangladesh’s exports will increase to $58 billion in the current fiscal year(FY) with a 30% year-on-year growth.

Besides focusing on large markets like China, Russia, Latin America, and East Europe, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) also knows where the main markets are for exports. They also said about the branding of Bangladeshi products in trade relations with those major export destinations.

The To-Do list includes: 

leaf - Made in Bangladesh News

Eco-friendly exporting Sector

tractor - Made in Bangladesh News

Accessibility and an increasing amount of agro producs

technical support - Made in Bangladesh News

Increasing the Service Export

plant - Made in Bangladesh News

Implementation of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant

goal - Made in Bangladesh News

Post-LDC challenge

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